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DEC 1-5, 2023

Greetings From National Arogya Fair 2023!

Ayurveda, and the other Indian medical sciences, has already transcended its native borders, after positioning it as a strong and effective participant in India’s health care delivery system. The time for that idea has come and to lay claim to a lead role it is destined to play – AYUSH for Global Health Challenges. 

National Arogya Fair 2023 – A Platform to Celebrate India’s Healing Wisdom – is being organized from 1st to 5th December at Greenfield International Stadium, Kariavattom Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 

National Arogya Fair 2023 is being organized with the objective to promote, propagate, and showcases strengths and potential of Indian Systems of Medicines the research and development efforts in this sector and create awareness about remedies available in AYUSH to the general health problems and integrate the India medicinal systems with mainstream healthcare delivery structure.


AYUSH is the acronym of the medical systems that are being practiced in India such Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. Global trends indicate that natural medicine is going to be preferred resort of health care for chronic lifestyle and geriatric disorders and Indian systems of medicine can play a significant role in tackling emerging health problems. Although traditional systems of medicine have been recognized and accepted in most countries, efforts to provide validated techniques to ensure that quality, safety and efficacy of products are being developed. The need of the hour is to lay emphasis on the up gradation of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Alternative medicine educational standards, quality control and standardization of drugs, improving the availability of medical plant material, research and development and awareness generation about the efficacy of the systems domestically and internationally.

National Arogya Fair 2023 is a platform for showcasing businesses andentrepreneurs in Ayurveda and allied Sector. The fair brings togetherBusinesses, Organisations and other institutions to showcase their products,services, and technologies related to Ayurveda and other AYUSH systems.

The Fair provides a unique opportunity for visitors to explore and experience the world of AYUSH including Ayurvedic medicines, herbal products, wellness services, and Ayurvedic equipments. It also facilitates interactions betweenexhibitors and visitors, providing a space for networking, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

This edition of National AROGYA Fair is expected to be a comprehensive health fair on the entire AYUSH systems with the following major highlights:

  • Unique standing in terms of scale, exhibit variety, buyer attendance, buyer distribution, business turnover and credit standing.
  • Actively supported by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and Kerala state government.
  • Business opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of medicines, herbal products, cosmetics, medicinal plants and raw materials, herbal extracts, equipment, instruments, allied utilities, publications etc.
  • Home pavilion and pavilions by Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, National Medicinal Plants Board, various state governments.
  • Mass publicity by the organisers.
  • Business opportunities for service providers such as hospitals, clinics, consultancy firms, research outsourcing centres, production outsourcing companies, product development institutions, universities and educational institutions, laboratories, resorts and spas, trade houses and knowledge bank services.
  • Diverse visitor profile including medical practitioners, students, marketing strategists, professionals and consultants, policy makers, diplomats, scholars, industr y associations and trade delegations, businessmen, manufacturers, retailers and the general public.
  • The visitors benefit from an array of exhibits by AYUSH pharma segment, practitioners and hospitals of all AYUSH systems, AYUSH-based service institutes and centres, research institutes and departments, laboratory equipment and machinery manufacturers, makers of hospital and surgical equipment, insurance companies, health tourism industry, herbal traders and medicinal plant cultivators.
  • Involves all trade and business associations of national importance in this sector, and major government and private organizations.


  • Provide a much-needed showcase for the AYUSH sector in lndia
  • Showcase the achievements of the AYUSH Councils
  • Enable the Ayurvedic industry, allied products and services to interact directly with the consumers
  • Facilitate interaction between the industry and potential buyers
  • Register Ayurveda in the minds of consumers
  • Motivate students


  • AYUSH industry Manufacturers
  • Traders
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Consultancy firms
  • Research outsourcing Centres
  • production outsourcing Companies
  • product Development institutions
  • Universities
  • Educational institutions
  • laboratories
  • Resorts and spas
  • trade Houses
  • Knowledge Bank services
  • Ayurvedic practitioners
  • Ayurvedic Hospitals
  • Cosmetics ~ Manufacturers / traders
  • Neutraceuticals / Manufacturer / traders
  • NGOs
  • Equipments / Manufacturers / traders
  • R & D institutions
  • Book publishers
  • Medical plant Nursery / Cultivator Herbarium
  • Certifying Agencies

With all its components, this edition of National AROGYA Fair is expected to attract larger participation from leading AYUSH drug manufacturers, healthcare products’ manufacturers, health food producers, herbal cosmetic products, medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, research institutes, naturopathy centres, lab equipment & machinery manufacturers, State & Central Government Departments, Councils and the general public.

Benefits of Participation

  • Generate Business leads
  • Brand promotion of products/services
  • Networking
  • Hold B2B interactions

 What awaits you:

  • 500+ exhibitors and stalls showcasing the latest in the Ayurveda sector.
  • 2000 Medical practitioners, 1000 Industry Members, 2,00,000 public visitors, and 3000 Students anticipated
  • Free Speciality Clinics for consultation with Senior Physicians and complimentary medicines.
  • Enjoy “Ayurveda Aahar” – Ayurvedic cuisine prepared by experts.
  • Learn Diet and Healthy Living Practices to embrace wellness.
  • Drive business leads, elevate brand visibility, foster networking opportunities, and facilitate B2B interactions at the event.






  • Home Pavilion: The Science of Ayurveda

The Science of Ayurveda Pavilion is a unique section meant to expose the general public to everything that they need to know about Ayurveda. It will present Ayurveda in a comprehensible manner highlighting its eight clinical specialties (Ashtanga Ayurveda).

  • Major Ayurveda Hospitals – Treatment, Services and Specialties

Major Hospitals which play a vital role in today’s world of Ayurveda treatments will be showcased in the Exhibition so that public and visitors get a clear understanding of the opportunities available in the present world of Ayurveda.

  • Ayurveda Spa & Resorts

 Ayurveda tourist centers and spas give tourists visiting Kerala, a flavour of the magic of Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy. They also play a prominent role in popularizing Ayurveda outside India. Reputed Ayurveda Tourist Health Centers and Spas will be making their presence felt through dedicated pavilions.

  • Ayurveda Products – Medicines, Cosmetics,   Equipments and Publications  

This section is devoted to showcase where the classical and patented products from all major Pharmaceutical Companies in Ayurveda, equipment and appliances, books, publications etc.


  • Processing Equipment / Packaging

Medicine, Food, Beverage, Processing Technology, Specialized Packaging, Encapsulation Equipment, labeling etc. will be displayed.

  • Food & Beverages

Natural & Organic Foods, Health and Dietary Supplements, Sports Food, Nutritional Drinks with Anti-oxidants, Fortified Foods, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products will be showcased and told to cater different audiences.

  • Ayurveda Education

The Ayurveda education has expanded manifold, with numerous professionally run Institutions which offer a host of new courses both nationally and internationally. Ayurveda Education Exhibition will feature some of the most prominent names in the field of professional education of Ayurveda.

  • Medicinal Plants Expo- Exhibition of plants and raw materials

The medicinal plants Expo is aimed to give a fillip to the medicinal plant conservation and promotional activities. This platform will showcase various activities that are relevant to cultivation, conservation, value addition and popularization of Medicinal Plants.

  • Ayurveda Professional Organizations and NGOs
  • Ayurveda Food Court
  • Documentary Film Shows


  • AYUSH Clinics : Free Health check up by AYUSH practitioners

The National Arogya Fair will feature different clinics under AYUSH streams, and will offer consultation by the eminent clinicians of Ayurveda Specialities., Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Naturopathy.

A special feature of the clinics will be the speciality clinics, which will provide free consultation to the general public by eminent clinicians from different Ayur veda Specialities l ike Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Mental health, Diabetes Women Health, Child Health, Health of Aged, Preventive Cardiology, Neurology Oncology etc.

It is an opportunity for the public to meet the best physicians and get best care & advice. Physicians of all participating institutions will be given slots to lend clinical service to the visiting public, whose number is expected to be in tens of thousands daily.

Free distribution of selected AYUSH medicines will also be organised

  • Public awareness programmes

A series of public awareness programmes will be organised. These programmes are intended to highlight the strength and excellences of AYUSH to the public and to serve to be a bridge between the great health tradition of ours and the community, eagerly waiting for options to better their health or to regain what is lost. The awareness programmes will educate public on the concepts and practice of diet and activities suitable for a healthy living; The purpose is to promote and position Ayurveda and other AYUSH systems as a responsible healing system that plays a proactive role in public health. The focus, as is evident, addresses the common and major health issues that ail our society in this era.

  • Display and sale of AYUSH medicinal plants : Medicinal Plants – live plants and raw materials, Plants of Charaka Samhita

To promote cultivation of medicinal plants among farmers and local people (for their kitchen gardens), display and sale of Medicinal Plants and herbs used in the AYUSH drugs will be organised. It will enable familiarization of the general public with different types of medicinal plants indicating their


usage for treatment of common diseases. The sale of medicinal plants will also be organised for the benefit of the general public by associating local nurseries.

  • Home remedies

Information/ literature on common home remedies through AYUSH systems will be prepared and displayed to familiarize the general public about easy and affordable treatment for common ailments at their household.

  • Workshops for manufacturers of AYUSH medicines

Workshops on GMP as well as on Quality Control & related issues of Standardization and Development of AYUSH Products will be organised. Practitioners of AYUSH Systems, beneficiaries, AYUSH colleges, farmers of medicinal plants, etc. may also be invited.

Sessions will include:

  • Sector wise presentation of industries to identify the problems in international markets viz-a-viz Products, Services, Education and Research
  • Quality and safety standards of products and services
  • Financial support systems for Ayurveda industry
  • Country-wise presentation on product registration formalities
  • Publicity & Promotion of the AYUSH Systems

Screening of audio-visual material will be a main component of Arogya Fair. Short films by Ayurveda students will be screened for promotion of AYUSH messages. Cultural prog rammes including involvement of folk theatre groups will be used to take message to public. Adequate publicity will be ensured for publicity of the event through all local media.

  • Live Yoga and Ayurveda Aahar demonstrations 

To educate people about prevention of diseases, adopting healthy life styles and good living habits, live Yoga demonstration will be organized during the fair. Nutrition experts will give advice and l ive demonstrations of preparation of Ayurveda Aahar to general public.


SINGLE STALL 3 x 3m, 9sqmt 6,500 INR 58,500 INR
MINI PAVILION 3 Stalls, 27sqmt 6,000 INR 1,62,000 INR
PAVILION 5 Stalls, 45sqmt 5,500 INR 2,47,500 INR

Sponsor Pavilions are reserved only for sponsors.


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