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DEC 4, 2023

 Virkshayurveda is the art of maintaining health, healing and productivity of plants. It was exclusively practiced by the ancient scholars of Ayurveda by adopting purely organic approach in the different sectors like Agricultue, Horticulture and Medicinal plants. Currently Virkshayurveda is gaining importance at global level subsequent to the adoption of one health concept and organic food culture by a large section of population. Even after several years of reinvention of Vrikshayurvada, it did not receive the deserving recognition in managing pests and diseases and growth enhancement of plants among the scientific community. Vrikshayurveda has yet to find a place in Dravyaguna part of Ayurveda syllabus nor in the Agriculrural university teaching programmes . It is high time to restructure and reorganize the syllabus both in Ayrveda and Agricultural Universities so that the students passing out of the colleges can practice Vrikshayurveda on a scientific manner. The first liquid bio manure known as ‘Kunapajala’ was developed and practiced by the Vrikshayurveda experts extensively over a thousand years back. This lost its popularity with the advent of the so called modern agriculture. Apart from the liquid bio-manure it is possible to develop diverse products through R&D programme. This include micronutrients, immune-enhancers, stamina boosters, growth regulators and yield promoters, bio-pesticides, pro-biotics, fumigators and medicinal products for treatment of plant diseases using medicinal plants & animal parts. Vrikshayurveda seminar forms a part of the Fifth GAF 2023 which is an ensemble of scholars, student community planners administrators and policy makers from all over the world for one common cause- expose and exchange knowledge, for a wider and impact full reach on Ayurveda. Focal theme of the seminar is “Practice of Vrikshayurveda in different agroclimatic situations, R&D, commercialization and development of novel products and its IPR protection and developing treatment protocol based on tridosha and pentavalent principles of Ayurveda”.


  • Current status of Vrikshayurveda in different states of India and abroad
  • Integrating natural / organic farming with Vrikshayurveda
  • Phytochemical and pharmacological studies of plants and animal products used in Vrikshayurveda
  • Multi-disciplinary R&D programmes of Vrikshayurveda products
  • Protocols for growth and management of pests and diseases of plants
  • Microbioilogical approaches to Vrikshayurveda in enriching soil
  • Concepts of Vrikshayurveda for Land scaping and gardening
  • Diagnostic and treatment protocol of plant diseases based on principles of Ayurveda



* 18% Tax GST Extra


* 18% Tax GST Extra


  • Non – Stipend PG Students can avail BAMS Students Fee Structure on production of certificate from the Principal of the institution.
  • All delegate registrations are without accommodation. Accommodation can be booked online separately at our website through service providers at negotiated rates.


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