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Ayurveda: From India to the World

GAF: Opening the World to New Possibilities

A health care system, that got caught unprepared by an unkind pandemic….

An alternative medical system, mainstreamed by the public during the pandemic, despite the fiercest resistance….

A range of healthcare challenges, unable to be met by a single medical system despite its formidable dominance….

A traditional medical system, ready with a new vigour to uphold and strengthen its excellence, relevance, and possibilities….

The contrast is striking and the fresh lease of energy it imparts to India’s healing wisdom is indomitable.

Ayurveda, the medical science, has already transcended its native borders, after positioning it as a strong and effective participant in India’s health care delivery system. The time for that idea has come and to lay claim to a lead role it is destined to play – Ayurveda for Global Health Challenges.

Global Ayurveda Festival – GAF 2023 A Platform to Celebrate India’s Healing Wisdom – is being organized from 1st to 5th December at Greenfield International Stadium, Kariavattom Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, with the focal theme: “Emerging Challenges in Healthcare & a Resurgent
Ayurveda “.

GLOBAL AYURVEDA FESTIVAL is recognised as an essential event of global repute, due to the purity of the intention it has and the immense impact it has upfront. The trust and encouragement the Ayurveda community bestows on us make us ready for the 5th edition of GAF – with the same mission and a renewed vision.

GAF 2023 aims to convincingly position Ayurveda’s healing potentials, by
showcasing its conceptual foundation and infinite application possibilities, by reaching out to the health seeking global mankind, and by readying young physicians to address emerging healthcare challenges.

It provides a platform to further the knowledge, facilitate research initiatives, formalize collaborations, firm up policies and to familiarize with global players and processes.

Maintaining the continuity of knowledge exposition is a responsibility, and we are thankful to the Ayurveda community for helping us to make it possible.

Ably taking up that responsibility, we present to you GAF 2023 – A FESTIVAL OF AYURVEDA …FOR AYURVEDA