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Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, has outlined his Vision of developing a “Digital health Ecosystem” in the Country. To Implement the Vision, National Health Authority (Govt. of India) has launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) with the aim of developing a “Digital health Ecosystem” in the Country and “Heal in India/Heal by India” a PAN India initiative with the vision to promote medical value tourism to provide accessible and affordable holistic healthcare for foreign tourists to position India as significant health/ medical tourism destination in world map.  

Board of Ethics and Registration, National Commission for Indian System of Medicine is continuously conducting registration and sensitization programs of  ABDM in different states of the country. 

All the practitioners of Ayurveda  attending the Global Ayurveda Festival, Kerala are requested to register themselves in Healthcare Professional Registry, ABDM with assistance of Board of Ethics and Registration, NCISM.