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Workshop on Panchakarma

Workshop on Panchakarma is planned to provide (i) a thorough theoretical and practical coaching for young students and budding practitioners and (ii) an adequate support session for the seniors. The resource persons for this workshop include established teachers and experienced practitioners at the same time.

Workshop on Marma

The written and oral traditions are rich knowledge sources for “marma’, the unique structural and functional understanding of vital spots in the body. There are exper ts in Kerala and Tamilnadu, representing Ayurveda, Siddha and Kalari, who with their use and knowledge about Marma divices treatments not just for trauma but also for many common pathologies. This Workshop will bring the best of all these traditions and it will be an opportunity for those who want to better their skills as clinicians.

Workshop on Netra

Ayurvedic treatments for different ophthalmic pathologies called “Netra chikitsa” was burgeoned as a speciality of very great importance in erstwhile Kerala. The rich tradition of Karaliya Netrachikitsa has been followed in it’s prinstine purity by many renowned centres across Kerala. The unsullied reputation of this speciality was acclaimed recently by our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji in his Man Ki Baat and other speeches.

The workshop on NETRA is indented to impart an insight to the theoretical and practical aspects of Netra Kriyakalpas like Sekam Aschodhanam Pindi Bidalam Tarpana and Pudapaka. A hands on training on different surgical methods like Lekhana and anushastra methods like Jalukaavacharana will be provided.

Registrations for pre-conference workshop are closed.