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Deadline for submission of abstracts has lapsed.

Guidelines & Template for Oral Presentation

 Click Here To Download PPT Template

All Oral Presentations in the GAF will be delivered as part of a specific technical session. Each Oral Presentation is expected to be no longer than 10 minutes (8 minutes presentation and 2 minutes discussion).

The maximum number of ppt slides must be less than 12.

The time and slides limit given above will be strictly observed.

Guidelines for PPT (Power Point Slides)

Backgrounds for the Coverpage and Content pages are given separately in the PPT template and it should be maintained throughout the presentation. (Any other PPT backgrounds will not be accepted).

Title of the Presentation should be bold and underlined. All the authors (as given in abstract) along with their affiliation and the name of the presenting author should be in bold letters.

The PPT must contain minimum of :

One slide explaining the background of the work

One slide with hypothesis and objectives

One slide with methodology (no details of procedures, only reference to methods)

4-5 slides highlighting results and discussing the salient findings

Final slide with conclusions

(Minimum font size in all slides should be 18)

Additional notes : 

All slides formatted for easy understanding of the information on each slide

Explanations for each graph, picture, and table; do not squeeze complicated tables in slides; avoid animations.

Media file(s), if any, should be embedded in your primary presentation as a slide

No automatic slide advance timings

The meeting will be utilizing 16:9 aspect ratio projectors (widescreen) in all rooms. To utilize the full screen, you should create your presentation in “widescreen” format..

If various language fonts are used, the PPT should also be saved as PDF from your computer and both should be brought for presentation. Also, please send both files (pptx and pdf) mentioning your Abstract ID, to (only in this special case)

In PowerPoint, save your file as a .pptx. Do not use .ppt, .pps, or other formats, as this will affect your file’s ability to open correctly.

Submission of Oral Presentation file

The Committee only accepts final presenting material for Oral Presentation in pptx format.

Please login to your GAF-Suite dashboard at and go to ‘Manage Abstracts’ page. Please find Upload Presentation button against your abstract selected for Presentation and upload the final presentation material.

Last date for making payment for Delegate Registration : 10-Nov-2023

Last date for submission of Oral Presentation File : 10-Nov-2023

Last date for Submission Of Full Paper : 15-Nov-2023 (Full Paper Submission is Optional)

Upload buttons for Oral Presentation (.pptx) and Full Paper (.docx) will be active only after making payment for delegate registration. Failure to submit your Oral Presentation File within the deadline would result your presentation to be cancelled.