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Kerala has preserved and propagated authentic ayurveda with a perennial vigor since time immemorial. We cherish the contributions this tiny state has made in the form of texts with clinically supportive contents, commentaries of classical texts, treatment methods and effective formulations.  We balance the purity, antiquity, and contemporaneity of Ayurveda in practice, research and production so as to maintain the reputation the state always had and to position our tradition globally more effectively. Despite being a smaller state Kerala excels at national level in health care delivery. The quality and reach of infrastructure and resources we have – the good facilities and personnel in governmental and non-governmental sectors, ably imparting Ayurveda education, service and products – are truly remarkable. 

Grand Kerala Ayurveda Fair (GKAF), the month-long celebration from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram planned as a prelude to GAF, will bring together every Ayurveda institutions, associations and organizations to highlight the strengths and excellences to the public. GKAF is intended to be a bridge between this great tradition of ours and the community, eagerly waiting for options to better their health or to regain what is lost. are, products and collaborations. It is, indeed, a show of our strength. 


This event is being planned to be the longest and the largest one for the cause of Ayurveda and is expected to have the participation of the entire Ayurveda community. This will prove good for the stakeholders, the state and the science as such.

We expect the stakeholders to – 

  • Support for the cause
  • Offer their expertise
  • Showcase their institutional legacy, their services and products
  • Participate in organizing various activities listed below



> Public Awarness Programmes – awareness camps, processions, solidarity meets, cultural events.

> Seminar And Workshops – Educate public on the concepts and practice of diet and activities suitable for a healthy living; classes on healthy recipes.

> Specialty Medical camps – to focus areas like autism spectrum disorders, substance, abuse PCOD & infertility, obesity, diabetes, fatty liver and skin diseases.The purpose is to promote and position Ayurveda as a responsible healing system that plays a proactive role in public health. The focus, as is evident, addresses the common and major health issues that ail our society in this era.

> Mobilize the participation of local MLAs, MPs, Ministers, local members of prominent Ayurveda associations, industry representatives, college students, teachers, practitioners, and important citizens of the area.

> Exhibition – on local health traditions; on great vaidyas and institutions of the area; on local plant wealth; on ayurveda, in general.

> Felicitation – of outstanding students and institutions, senior Ayurveda experts, herb growers and health workers.

> Medicinal Plant planting programmes

> Seminars and Workshop

> Health/wellness tourism promotion

GKAF will help the participating stakeholder to :

> Promote their institution and thus our state and its great Ayurveda heritage

> Prove to the world that we are one strong and committed community


GAF invites the Ayurveda Community of Kerala to join us. Let us create History together!