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GAF – Biennial feast for every member of Global Ayurveda community having an appetite for the best.

The regular and the impactful…

the unique and the path setter…

the innovative and the game changer….

an array, Ayurveda longed for!

Global Ayurveda Festival – GAF 2023, A Platform to Celebrate India’s Healing Wisdom – is being organized from 1st to 5th December at Greenfield International Stadium, Kariavattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, with the focal theme: “Emerging Challenges in Healthcare & a Resurgent Ayurveda.“

Global Ayurveda Festival is recognised as an essential event of global repute, due to the purity of the intention it has and the immense impact it has upfront.

The trust and encouragement the Ayurveda community bestows on us make us ready for the 5th edition of GAF – with the same mission and a renewed vision. GAF 2023 aims to convincingly position Ayurveda’s healing  potentials, by showcasing its conceptual foundation and infinite application possibilities, by reaching out to the health seeking global mankind, and by readying young physicians to address emerging healthcare challenges.

It provides a platform to further the knowledge, facilitate research initiatives, formalize collaborations, firm up policies and to familiarize with global players and processes.

Latest News

Press Conference on 5th GAF by Shri V Muraleedharan (Hon’ble Union Minister of State for External Affairs & Parliamentary Affairs , GOI), Chairman, 5th GAF.

First Consultative Meeting of 5th GAF held on 11-03-2023 at Thiruvananthapuram

Accommodation : +91  95628 01729     Exhibition : +91 88911 69731    General Queries : +91 94472 05913     Seminar : +91 8891169730    Transportation : +91 90488 32223   Oral or Poster Presentation can be done without Full Paper Submission – Full Paper Submission is Optional only    


Focal theme of 5th GAF

Emerging Challenges in Healthcare & a Resurgent Ayurveda

The focal theme “Emerging Challenges in Healthcare & a Resurgent Ayurveda” of this episode of GAF- International Ayurveda Seminar will project the concepts, strengths, possibilities and accomplishments – related to clinical, integrated medicine and research – in selected themes, like Woman Health, Child Health, Diabetes, Liver Disease, Opthalmology, Mental Health, Geriatric Care, Palliative Care and Post Care.

Theme : Live healthy…Live the Ayurveda way

Grand Kerala Ayurveda Fair

NOV 1-30, 2023 | 30 DAYS | 14 DISTRICTS

Kerala has preserved and propagated authentic ayurveda with a perennial vigor since time immemorial. We cherish the contributions this tiny state has made in the form of texts with clinically supportive contents, commentaries of classical texts, treatment methods and effective formulations.  We balance the purity, antiquity, and contemporaneity of Ayurveda in practice, research and production so as to maintain the reputation the state always had and to position our tradition globally more effectively. Despite being a smaller state Kerala excels at national level in health care delivery.


NOV 29-30, 2023

Workshop on Panchakarma

Workshop on Panchakarma is planned to provide (i) a thorough theoretical and practical coaching for young students and budding practitioners and (ii) an adequate support session for the seniors. The resource persons for this workshop include established teachers and experienced practitioners at the same time.